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Welcome to Kukula Farm

Empowering Malawian youth, through farming and education

Join us on a transformative journey to uplift the youth of Mbamba Village. We’re on a mission to raise $4,000 to secure and cultivate a piece of land for sustainable poultry farming. Your donation isn’t just a contribution; it’s an investment in the future of our young community members.

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Youth empowerment

Your support doesn't just seed a brighter future for a farm; it seeds opportunities for the youth in Mbamba Village to break the cycle of poverty.


Our eco-friendly farming practices, from waste recycling to renewable energy, are designed to educate and empower the next generation.


We're committed to the highest quality in both eggs and meat, meeting Malawi Bureau Standards.

Ignite the change

Why your support is a game-changer

We’re not just raising chickens; we’re raising the bar for youth empowerment through sustainable and ethical farming in Mbamba Village.

Your donation is more than just money; it’s a declaration that you’re with us in this mission to uplift the next generation.

Together, we’re laying the groundwork for not just a food-secure future, but a future where our youth are educated, empowered, and engaged. Every donation is a step toward that vision.


The journey ahead

Curious about our game plan? Here’s a quick roadmap that lays out the steps we’re taking to hatch our poultry revolution—and how your support fuels the ride.

Funding Stage (current)

This is where the groundwork is laid. Your donations at this stage are laser-focused on acquiring the land that will serve as the cornerstone of our sustainable poultry farm in Mbamba Village. We’re talking land acquisition, paperwork, and labor to clear the land for farming.

Land Acquisition

Once we’ve secured the funds, we’ll lock down the land that will serve as the epicenter for Mbamba Village’s sustainable poultry initiative.

Fund & Expand

After the land is prepped and ready, we’ll shift gears to raise funds for the next phases—building chicken coops and laying the groundwork for future community programs.

Empowering the youth of Mbamba Village through sustainable farming. Your donation is your investment in their future.

The visionaries

The Minds Behind the Mission

Bichayi Phiri

Project Officer

Sam Chirwa

Community Manager

Mike Melchiot

Marketing Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

Contributing to Kukula Farm isn't just a financial transaction; it's an investment in a brighter future for Malawi's youth. Your donation fuels our mission to provide sustainable farming education and create job opportunities, thereby breaking the cycle of poverty and hunger in our community. In essence, your support helps transform our vision into a life-changing reality.

You can make your donation directly through our GoFundMe page. Every contribution, big or small, brings us closer to our goal.

Your generous contribution will go towards securing land, purchasing equipment, and covering operational costs. Every dollar counts in making this dream come true.

Currently, we're not a registered non-profit, so donations are not tax-deductible. However, your support is invaluable in other ways!

Absolutely! If you prefer to keep your donation private, we totally respect that.

Yes, we do! We're open to donations of equipment, feed, or even your time and expertise.

We regularly update our donors through newsletters and social media. Make sure to sign up and follow us to stay in the loop.

We're committed to this mission, no matter what. If we fall short, we'll use what we've raised for the most immediate needs and continue fundraising.

We're committed to this mission, no matter what. If we fall short, we'll use what we've raised for the most immediate needs and continue fundraising.


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