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Week 1: a week of gratitude and hope

From the bottom of our hearts

Thank you!! Hi, I’m Mike, and I’ve been on an incredible journey with Kukula Farm. This past week, we took our mission online, and the response has been nothing short of heartwarming. I wanted to take a moment to share our story, our progress, and our dreams with you.

A thank you from Bichayi

“Greetings from Mbamba Village! I’m Bichayi, and I’ve seen firsthand the challenges our youth face. The love and support we’ve received in just a week since launching Kukula Farm online has been overwhelming. From the depths of my heart, thank you. Your belief in our vision is fueling our drive to make a difference in our community.”

A global embrace

It’s been truly inspiring to see the global community rally behind our cause. Donors from over 10 different countries have joined our mission, emphasizing the universal resonance of our vision. This collective effort underscores the shared dream of a brighter future for the youth of Mbamba Village.

The road ahead

Our journey has just begun. We’ve set out with a clear roadmap to transform the lives of the youth in Mbamba Village. We’re aiming to raise $4,000 to kickstart our vision. These funds will go towards land acquisition, legal fees, tools, and initial setup. Every dollar brings us closer to our goal and makes a tangible difference in the lives of our community’s youth.

Challenges & opportunities

The initial wave of support has been overwhelming, but the challenge now is to keep the momentum going. We’re reaching out to our broader network, exploring collaborations with various organizations and churches. We’re also working on introducing monthly donations to provide a consistent stream of support. The journey ahead is long, but with your continued support, we’re confident we can make a lasting impact.

Boots on the ground support

The outpouring of on-ground support offers has been heartening. From contractors eager to help lay the foundation to solar suppliers offering sustainable energy solutions, the spirit of community collaboration shines through. These offers remind us that our mission resonates far and wide.

Our mission, our drive

At the heart of Kukula Farm is a mission to empower the youth of Mbamba Village. We envision a future where every young individual has the tools, skills, and opportunities to shape their destiny. We’re not just building a poultry farm; we’re building dreams, hopes, and a brighter future.

Join us

As we reflect on our first week online, our hearts are full of gratitude. To everyone who has supported us, shared our story, and believed in our vision, thank you. We urge you to continue spreading the word, sharing our mission, and contributing in any way you can. Together, we can turn this vision into reality.


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