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Who is Mike Melchiot?

Hello, I’m Mike Melchiot, the international ally in Sam and Bichayi’s mission to redefine poultry farming in Malawi through youth empowerment. Originally from the Netherlands and currently running my creative agency, Dutch Mike, out of Philadelphia, I’ve had the privilege of exploring different corners of the world. It was in Malawi where fate led me to Sam, and we instantly connected over our mutual passion for sustainability, community upliftment, and entrepreneurial spirit.

While my day-to-day involves helping businesses establish their digital presence through compelling visuals and storytelling, Kukula Farm is a project that transcends professional boundaries. It’s a labor of love, a commitment to helping my friends Sam and Bichayi turn their vision into a transformative reality for the youth in Mbamba Village.

So, while this campaign may bear my name, make no mistake—the driving force, the vision, and the transformative impact of Kukula Farm are deeply rooted in Sam, Bichayi, and the incredible young people we aim to empower in Malawi.

Your contribution isn’t just a donation; it’s a stepping stone to a brighter future for the youth of Mbamba Village. It’s an affirmation of our collective belief in the power of sustainable agriculture as a tool for community and youth empowerment.

Join us on this remarkable journey toward a more sustainable and empowered tomorrow. We’re grateful for your support.

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